Breitling Updates Superocean II With New Dial Colours And Sizes

Replica Breitling Superocean II provides a bolder, better, and more range of choices for diving watch fans. The new Superocean II also adds a new dial color to the dial, adding a fascinating blue and a cool and pure white.

Although the previous Superocean series only had two sizes of 42mm and 44mm, Superocean II has added a size, a smaller 36mm. What we will see is for women, with some additional modifications.

This redesign will undoubtedly have a wider appeal, many design specifications of classic diving watches and the unique touch of Cheap Breitling Replica have been realized.

The 44mm Superocean II 44 is the largest daddy in the series, the largest and most serious product in the series, with a water resistance of 1000 meters and a helium discharge valve. Black or blue dials are available with leather, bracelet or rubber strap options.

The Replica Breitling 42mm Superocean II water resistance of 500 meters, while the 36mm Superocean II 36 has a water resistance of 200 meters.

The available dial colors of the Superocean II 36mm version are slightly different. Available is the black dial on the rubber and bracelet, but in addition to the blue, we also have a very unique white version, which can easily become the most visually interesting version of all. The Fake Swiss Breitling 36mm white dial version is only equipped with a white rubber strap and no bracelet option. In addition, this watch has another unique variant, the diamond-encrusted version, which is clearly aimed at women.