Breitling Replica announces Navitimer GMT Aurora Blue

The first Navitimer Replica dates from 1952, although we could also go back 10 years, to 1942, to find the first watch to incorporate the famous slide rule; the Chronomat. This element, already inseparable from any Navitimer, is the element that gives it its character and its status as iconic.

Furthermore, it is not merely an aesthetic element as this famous slide rule was used for decades by professional aviation pilots to perform complex calculations related to navigation.

Breitling Replica Watch Blue. Among these variants we find a considerable number of complications, which add to its inseparable chronograph the GMT function, the complete calendar and even the perpetual calendar.

That a large dial size increases the readability of the indications that are implemented in it, something that in principle benefits a watch like the Breitling Navitimer Replica, which with its chronograph complication and its famous slide rule, inevitably creates a highly dense of indications.

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Replica Breitling presents the new Navitimer 8

The Replica Breitling Navitimer 8‘s name comes from the old aviation cockpit instruments, while the case and dial design is inspired by the iconic 768 model produced in the 1940s.

It is clear that Breitling places high hopes on the new Navitimer 8 and it is intuited that it will be a collection with many aspirations.

With the new Navitimer 8, there will be no less than 11 collections that will make up the Fake Breitling catalog. The Grenchen brand has not communicated anything about it, but it is clear that the Navitimer 8 collection will not replace the classic Navitimer, since this, with the famous slide rule that equips its watches, constitutes the most representative and emblematic of Breitling.

The Fake Breitling Navitimer 8 B01 will be by prestige and by representativeness the great protagonist of the new collection. The representativeness is granted by being a watch with the chronograph function, the quintessential complication of Breitling.

The Navitimer 8 B01 incorporates all the aesthetic codes common to all watches in the new Breitling Replica Watches collection, the main features of which are the bi-directional ribbed bezel and the Arabic numerals used in the hour indices.

Initially offered in steel or red gold, the case is a generous 43 millimeters in diameter by 13.97 in thickness. The steel model can be chosen with a steel bracelet or a leather strap. The model with a red gold case will only be available with an alligator leather strap.

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The Breitling Avenger Chronograph 45 Replica

This Breitling Avenger chronograph Replica is one of the 14 models launched last fall. It is the revitalized and streamlined Avenger series, which includes four watches that replace the previous Colt series.

Everything about Breitling Replica exudes strength and sturdiness: a large stepped bezel, a sturdy circular chronograph button, a large screw-in crown with a crown guard, striking hour markers, and a small industrial embossed pattern. Cowhide strap.

Although the size is 45 mm wide and 16.5 mm high, the size itself is not the decisive factor in determining its impressiveness. Neither of these two sizes is so obvious, and surprisingly, the wearing comfort is still high. With its smooth underside, soft leather strap and flat buckle, the Fake Breitling watch fits snugly against the wrist.

The sturdy case has DLC coating to increase surface hardness and increase the industrial/military appearance of the Replica Breitling Watch. The carbon coating used by Breitling is darker than pure black anthracite and matches the khaki green composition more closely.

The brushed surface treatment on the case conforms to the overall military design of the Copy watch. There is only one small disadvantage: although the surface is rough, fingerprints can still be seen here and there, and they are more difficult to wipe the stepped bezel than with a simpler case design.

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