Breitling Replica announces Navitimer GMT Aurora Blue

The first Navitimer Replica dates from 1952, although we could also go back 10 years, to 1942, to find the first watch to incorporate the famous slide rule; the Chronomat. This element, already inseparable from any Navitimer, is the element that gives it its character and its status as iconic.

Furthermore, it is not merely an aesthetic element as this famous slide rule was used for decades by professional aviation pilots to perform complex calculations related to navigation.

Breitling Replica Watch Blue. Among these variants we find a considerable number of complications, which add to its inseparable chronograph the GMT function, the complete calendar and even the perpetual calendar.

That a large dial size increases the readability of the indications that are implemented in it, something that in principle benefits a watch like the Breitling Navitimer Replica, which with its chronograph complication and its famous slide rule, inevitably creates a highly dense of indications.

Replica Breitling Navitimer GMT Aurora Blue Edition

The Replica Breitling Navitimer GMT Aurora Blue is equipped with the brand’s in-house Caliber B04, which pairs a chronograph with a GMT indication.

The circular slide-rule bezel — still a hallmark feature in contemporary versions of the Breitling Navitimer Replica — allowed pilots to make critical calculations such as fuel consumption, distance traveled, and rate of climb/descent.

The new Aurora Blue version of the Navitimer has an extra-large 48-mm stainless steel case with a curved, glareproof sapphire crystal. The Breitling Replica predominantly blue dial has a discreet sunburst pattern and tone-on-tone subdials for the chronograph readouts and small seconds. The date — with white numerals on a blue field — appears in a window at 4:30.

To adjust the main hour hand to the local time, the user simply pulls out the crown and and turns it in either direction in one-hour increments, without causing any loss of precision in the minutes hand; the Fake Swiss Breitling Watch date also moves backward and forward automatically as the local time zone changes.

Breitling Navitimer 806 Replica beige dial

Breitling Navitimer 806 Replica the case is exactly the same size and resumes the same finishes as the original model. Namely a box with a diameter of 41mm and faceted horns. The 3 sub-counters are yours with the dial on which come the name of Breitling in capital letters as well as the unsigned winged logo.

One of the most distinctive signs refers to the glass, bound, and rotating with the bezel embellished with 94 beads and its calculus.

Breitling Replica launches this year a new capsule collection in tribute to the mythical airlines of the world. This capsule is just a primer to what will be discovered soon and regularly at Breitling.

The dial takes over the colors of the current logo, namely black, red and white. Fake Swiss Breitling Black for the dial, white for the sub-meters, red for the hands in connection with chronograph time measurements and for the tachometer scale. There is also the logo on the transparent background.